So a new site…

Having not posted anything for a long time, or indeed even altered the website for what seems like an age I felt it was high time for a complete overhaul. This takes the form of a complete re-design, new front page, new about section, new galleries to split my photographic work into projects and of course, new images. I’ll briefly outline what to expect, but I imagine it will be fairly obvious once one starts browsing, and outline where I’ve been and why it’s taken so long to get everything in order in another post.

Basically, as my practice has got more and more varied, I’ve decided to keep a single website but you will notice there is now a commercial folio section for current paid client work and a Personal Projects section. All this work represents my practice but the commercial work represents a fluid, working portfolio, whereas the Personal Projects are glacial, slowly developing nuggets of ideas. Growing into extended photographic essays- hopefully with evident messages, values and underlying socio-political concerns each of their own.

I appreciate this approach is in some ways unconventional and no doubt there will be some teething problems, but I’ve tried to split the work cleanly and I don’t see why I have to be a particular “type” of photographer working in one genre. I’m a professional and have attempted to showcase my adaptability- hopefully this comes across. Thank you for reading.