The Return

Given the astonishing lack of updates on KPP, a regular viewer could be forgiven for assuming I’d given up photography altogether, got a steady job in some small town somewhere and left the freelance life behind. It’s been another three incredibly busy years since my last update. Another new government, another round of cuts and international crises, and personally, another degree and another couple of photography projects.

The truth is I haven’t felt the need to update my site regularly as somehow I’ve been scraping enough work together without it, mostly through old-fashioned, word-of-mouth advertising and portfolio sites such as Ideastap (and when that folded, Hiive). Having said that, I’ve grown increasingly weary of the production line of commercial catalogue photography, and am currently searching for new avenues of income. I remember graduating from my BA and thinking ‘Any photography position will do’. How totally, utterly and completely wrong. The only way to develop is to make mistakes, try things out and learn from the experiences though. Without my experiences in the commercial sector, I might never have been pushed back into education and for that I’m immensely greatful.

With this in mind, I have resolved this year to get into the habit of regularly updating the website. I’ve got a lot of exciting things coming up over the next 12 months and a bunch of new work created over the last 3 years to share. This time when I say ‘watch this space’ I mean ‘there’ll actually be a series of updates soon’… Honest!

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