Thoughts on McCurry, Photoshop and Coffee

(image by Steve McCurry, taken from In 2015 I went to see Steve McCurry talk for the first time. I was a latecomer to McCurry's work, one of those people who'd seen (and liked) countless pictures by him without realising until I found out who he was, probably in about 2009. McCurry seemed to be the quintessential documentary photographer- always working for organisations such as National Geographic, socially concerned, always bringing to light corners of the world we wouldn't otherwise get to see, with a seemingly compassionate eye. I'm more interested in gritty B/W work generally, but it was impossible to deny how beautiful he made dilapidation and poverty. And more people … [Read more...]

The Return

Given the astonishing lack of updates on KPP, a regular viewer could be forgiven for assuming I'd given up photography altogether, got a steady job in some small town somewhere and left the freelance life behind. It's been another three incredibly busy years since my last update. Another new government, another round of cuts and international crises, and personally, another degree and another couple of photography projects. The truth is I haven't felt the need to update my site regularly as somehow I've been scraping enough work together without it, mostly through old-fashioned, word-of-mouth advertising and portfolio sites such as Ideastap (and when that folded, Hiive). Having said that, … [Read more...]

Moving On

So looking back, when I disappeared from the previous incarnation of the website, it was 2009. The recession had only just hit, the Conservatives had not yet wrested political control from an abysmally weak coalition (in fact Labour were still floundering in government), unemployment was nothing like as high and Star Trek had just been re-booted. And of course there were many other more relevant/important differences (no Justin Beiber… wow just imagine what a deprived world it must have been…), but in KPP terms it was a quiet time. A lull after several exhibitions. After several years managing an unsigned band (Blue Origin- released their debut album on an independent last year to rave … [Read more...]

So a new site…

Having not posted anything for a long time, or indeed even altered the website for what seems like an age I felt it was high time for a complete overhaul. This takes the form of a complete re-design, new front page, new about section, new galleries to split my photographic work into projects and of course, new images. I’ll briefly outline what to expect, but I imagine it will be fairly obvious once one starts browsing, and outline where I’ve been and why it’s taken so long to get everything in order in another post. Basically, as my practice has got more and more varied, I’ve decided to keep a single website but you will notice there is now a commercial folio section for current paid … [Read more...]